La Veraison: Modern-Traditional French Fare

Modern-Traditional French Fare

La Veraison is a one-man kitchen tucked away in Paris where you can see the chef cooking right as you enter. The local-centric restaurant is quaint but welcoming, and the chef offers his advice when requested.

This jeans-welcoming, friendly, and lighthearted staff and environment serves traditional French food, always surprising and rolling out something new. Chef Ulla changes the menu often, utilizing the best of local, seasonal ingredients, but two items that never leave the menu are Iberian pork and chocolate ganache with caramel ice cream. The gazpacho with a white asparagus base and the chestnut and truffle oil soup are unique starters, and mains that are highly demanded are the veal dish, as well as the duck with orange and cranberry sauce.

If you sit in the front of the restaurant, you can get front-row seats to these delicacies being prepared by the chef herself. It’s only a fifteen-minute walk from the Eifel Tower and boasts a delicious wine list, making it a quaint, unique place to have a meal.