La Sandwicherie: A Taste of Sandwich Perfection

A Taste of Sandwich Perfection

Even though Miami might be known for some great restaurants, one casual dining venue takes the prize for the best sandwiches. La Sandwicherie has been serving delightful sandwiches for over 30 years now, and their French spin on traditionally American sandwiches will ensure customers to have a truly mouthwatering meal. Made with only the freshest ingredients of the day, served on a crisp baguette or warm croissant, all topped with their infamous vinaigrette, La Sandwicherie’s sandwiches will make you think you’re biting into French culinary genius.

If you’re not satisfied with just those descriptions, check out the extensive menu. The best part of the entire dining experience is the fact that you can make your sandwich to your exact likings. Starting with a choice of French bread, a croissant, or wheat bread, followed by a variety of topping choices like lettuce, tomato, French pickles or their renowned vinaigrette, then comes the true heart of the sandwich: the meat. With traditional options like turkey, ham, salami and prosciutto, or salmon, egg and vegetarian ones, this finishing touch now makes your sandwich ready to be devoured.

Raved by NBC Miami as the best sandwich, as well as Food and Wine Magazine calling it one of the best restaurants in Miami, La Sandwicherie will definitely not disappoint. With their delicious sandwiches catering directly toward the customer’s preferences, and perfectly located in the center of the hub of Miami Beach, La Sandwicherie is a must-do eating experience.

229 14th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139