La Belle Assiette: Private Chef Service Comes to London

A new French online service is offering on-demand chef bookings for your next dinner fete

London residents can reserve a chef for a private dinner party just 24 hours prior to your event.

One of the hottest new startups to hit the culinary industry from France is gaining steam in London. Co-founding food professionals Stephen Leguillon and Giorgio Riccò created La Belle Assiette (“The Beautiful Plate”) to bring five-star level chefs into people’s dining rooms. “[Our] mission is to make entertaining at home simple and enjoyable,” Stephen says. When a simple dish for a gathering is not enough, one can hire a talented, well-vetted chef online to take over; think canapés, multiple courses, and imaginative menu offerings. For last-minute party planners, La Belle Assiette is a savior, as one can book a chef to appear, with cutlery and foodstuffs in tow, with a 24 hour’s notice.

While La Belle Assiette is spreading quickly into other European cities, London was always a top choice for Stephen and the company’s expansion. “We get the best [chefs] out of the local food scenes, and London is outstanding at that level. The innovation [here] is incredible…And we're getting both great talent and strong diversity.” Thanks to its U.K. arrival a few months ago, hosting grand dinner soirees in your flat is now made effortless and affordable.