Krispy Kreme Locations: Where Are They?

How to find the closest Krispy Kreme to You
Wikimedia Commons/ ジダネ

It's always good to know where the nearest Krispy Kreme is.

Krispy Kreme is a thing of cultish devotion, a chain doughnut shop that actually focuses first and foremost on the doughnuts, which are based on an old secret recipe and even helpfully lets you know when the doughnuts are hot via a neon sign in the window. But where exactly are the Krispy Kreme locations?

If you’re looking for the closest Krispy Kreme location to you, their website offers a handy Store Locator that will let you search by postal code or city. They also list all of their locations by state, which is pretty interesting. The state with the most Krispy Kreme locations is actually Florida, which has 29 locations (including six in Jacksonville, the most of any city). In second place is California with 28, followed by Georgia (26), North Carolina (25), South Carolina (18), Tennessee (17), and Texas (16).


Surprisingly, there’s only one location in all of New York State (in Manhattan’s Penn Station), and there aren’t any locations whatsoever in Massachusetts, which is firmly Dunkin’ country