Krispy Kreme Japan Adds Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwiches

Some genius at Krispy Kreme in Japan filled the doughnuts with ice cream
krispy kreme ice cream sandwich

Krispy Kreme Japan

Some geniuses working at Krispy Kreme in Japan sliced the doughnuts in half and made them into ice cream sandwiches. 

Some geniuses working for Krispy Kreme in Japan have come up with a very good way to improve on the classic glazed doughnut, because they have filled it with ice cream and introduced the Krispy Kreme Kool Krispy Sandwich.

According to Rocket News 24, Krispy Kreme’s new ice cream sandwich is just one of their classic glazed doughnuts sliced in half and filled with vanilla and raspberry ice cream and frozen berries.

Krispy Kreme Japan previously had doughnut ice cream sundaes on the menu, but those were basically a doughnut in a cup topped with ice cream, fruit sauce, and whipped cream, which would be much more difficult to eat before the doughnut got soggy.

The sandwich format allows the doughnut to remain at center stage, and filling it with ice cream is an excellent idea because filling things with ice cream is rarely a bad idea.

The sandwiches go on sale at Krispy Kreme in Japan on April 13 for about $3.75. They look pretty easy to reverse-engineer, though, so anybody else who wants to try one will just have to cut a doughnut in half and fill it with ice cream in their own kitchen.

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