Kraft To Remove Artifical Dyes In Mac And Cheese

Looks like SpongeBob might not be looking so bright orange in macaroni and cheese anymore. Yellow was a better color for him, anyway.

Kraft has announced that they will be removing yellow artificial dyes out of three of kid-friendly-shaped macaroni and cheese varieties, according to Associated Press.

These varieties include SpongeBob SquarePants, Halloween, winter, and two other shapes in the future.

The new color will derive from spices like paprika, and the macaroni and cheese will contain more whole grains and less sodium and saturated fat.

This change will not, however, affect the plain elbow-shaped macaroni and cheese with the original flavor.

Kraft also noted in the press release that the petition on did not influence this decision. Back in March, two mom bloggers posted a petition asking Kraft to eliminate yellow dyes, which is said to be dangerous for kids' health.

According to the petition, yellow dyes have been banned in countries like Norway and Austria, and are currently making its way out of United Kingdom markets. But, it is an approved additive by the Food and Drug Administration.

Food and color additives are being studied closer, as it is a health concern. While we hope that the original flavor doesn't change in these varieties, we are excited to feel a little bit better about indulging in this homey treat.