Krōm Première Brings "The Next Evolution of Billiard Balls" to Kickstarter


Offering what they're calling "the next evolution of billiard balls," Krōm Première has brought their chrome Founder's Edition set to Kickstarter. Designed by Pierre Deveaux (the inventor and founder of Krōm), these billiard balls have been in the making for nearly two decades and bring a completely new look to one of the world's most popular games.

Promising a new dimension to play and performance, the chrome surface of this set "reflects a fixed target that can be easily re-established after glancing up at the target pocket" - something all players do. Though they've created several new sets with the chrome design (each able to fit in with various design aesthetics), the Founder's Edition is only available to Kickstarter backers. They're hoping that with enough support, they will be able to get the other sets off the ground next.


The billiard balls are crafted to the highest standards, each one meeting (or exceeding) all U.S. specifications for regulation balls. For example, each is 2.25-inches in diameter and weighs six ounces.

They will retail for $249, but jump in now and get a set for only $129! Pitch in $169 and you can get a Signature Set that is signed by the inventor. At the time of this article, Krōm has only raised $8,340 of their $50k goal, so if you want a set, you better tell your friends to get in on the action before the project ends on February 2!