Buffet Restaurant Measures Kids To Determine Meal Price

All-you-can-eat buffets are a pretty good opportunity for diners to stuff themselves past the point of comfort in an effort to get their money's worth, but children, being tiny, usually eat less than adults and thus most buffets cut younger diners a deal based on age. One restaurant, however, figures a child's size has more to do with how much he or she will eat than age does, so they've started measuring kids to determine how much their meals should cost.

According to The Mirror, a yet-unnamed Korean barbecue restaurant in the U.S. charges $18.99 for adults to access their all-you-can-eat dinners. Children, however, have to stand up against a measuring stick against the wall to figure out how much they will pay. Kids between 33 and 41 inches, or 2'9" and 3'5", pay $9 for their meals. Kids between 42 and 52 inches, or 3'6" and 4'4", pay $11. Children 4'5" and over are presumably charged like adults.

While it does seem likely that very tall children might eat more than very short children, the restaurant's system could generate hurt feelings when a very tall four-year-old might have to pay more than a very petite seven-year-old. Still, it's better than other payment schemes restaurants have tried, like the "pay by customer weight" plan or the "pretty customers pay less" plans other restaurants have tried in recent years.