Kopparberg Develops Ink-Exploding Security Tag For Glasses

If you're one of the 90 percent of people who are guilty of keeping glasses from bars as souvenir (according to The Drum), you're lucky you got away with it. Kopparberg drinkers may not be as lucky.

The Daily Mail reports that Kopparberg has created a system that would prevent stealing of its enviable pint glasses from bars. Head of Marketing Rob Calder says, "There was a lot of excitement around our new Kopparberg glasses, and when we heard [through Twitter and Facebook] people were slipping them into their bags at a rate of knots, we took it as a compliment – but we also thought we should try and do something about it." New Kopparberg glasses equipped with ink-exploding security tags are being tested at the Jaguar Shoes bar in London. The devices are fitted around the middle of the cider glass that are triggered when the glass is taken more than 100 feet away from the bar. Previously, Kopparberg's custom-made and branded glasses have been known as collector's items and are sold on sites like eBay.

The black security label reads, "I know it rocks, but please don't steal it." Hopefully, customers will know if the glasses' consequences before trying to take one home.