Kombucha! Cookbook Shows You How To ‘Do’ Kombucha

Eric and Jessica Child’s cookbook explains everything there is to know about kombucha

Kombucha! shows you how to “detoxify while you toxify” with recipes for the fermented tea, for cooking with kombucha, for kombucha-infused cocktails, and even kombucha-based beauty treatments.

What is kombucha?” is the question many of us are asking about the latest health drink trend. And the answer can be found in Eric and Jessica Childs’ newly released cookbook, Kombucha! The Amazing Probiotic Tea that Cleanses, Heals, Energizes, and Detoxifies. It doesn’t just show how to make kombucha but how to “do” kombucha.

Authors Eric and Jessica Childs, who have been brewing the drink since 2007 and are the founders of Kombucha Brooklyn, where they brew and sell kombucha, explain everything there is to know about the fermented drink from defining kombucha to brewing and fermenting the drink to cooking with it and using it in beauty products.

Emphasizing the benefits of kombucha on the inside and outside of the body, the authors show you how to “detoxify while you toxify” with a total of 50 recipes for the fermented tea, for cooking with kombucha, for kombucha-infused cocktails, and even for kombucha-based beauty treatments.

“We support and want to help people find their true healthy nature,” says Jessica Childs.

Kombucha! begins with a briefing on what kombucha is, what’s in it, what it can do for you, and its history. In preparation for brewing, fermenting, and bottling, it lists and describes all the ingredients and equipment that are needed. The processes of brewing, bottling, and fermenting are outlined in a step-by-step guide that includes tips and flavoring suggestions as well as how to address any potential issues that might come up while making the drink. And showing how versatile kombucha is, the book shares a creative collection of kombucha-infused recipes, including Eggs Poached with Kombucha, SCOBY Tempura Salad, Kombucha Apple Pie, a Kombucha Mint Julep, and a Whole Kombody Detox Bath.

“We want everybody to love this fermented drink,” says Jessica Childs.

With Kombucha!, Eric and Jessica Childs invite you to embrace the probiotic "power" of kombucha and "drink the revolution."

The cookbook can be purchased here.

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