Kombucha Ale Will Be More Boozy Than Normal

Remember when Whole Foods pulled kombucha because (gasp) people could get drunk off it? Well, it looks like an even more alcoholic kombucha is becoming a thing. Michigan's Unity Vibration debuted a kombucha beer over the summer, and now an Astoria kombucha brewer is brewing up some kombucha ale, ciders, and wines.

Beyond Kombucha, the maker of "hand-crafted kombucha," is working on alcoholic kombucha that you can get more drunk off of, with alcohol content from 5 to 9 percent (standard kombuchas contain 0.8 to 1.5 percent).

Of course, these will all be "artisanal" products, probably touted as having the same "detoxifying, metabolic balancing, and immune-enhancing qualities" that kombucha tea had.

Right now, the Unity beer is only available in Michigan; Beyond Kombucha's newest Mava Roka ale (maple vanilla rooibos kombucha ale) is available on tap at The Queens Kickshaw in Astoria, N.Y. Founder Spiro Theofilatos hopes to have the brew bottled starting in January for regional distribution.

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