'Knife Fight' And 'The Getaway' Delayed

Ilan Hall and Anthony Bourdain fans will just have to wait a little longer for Esquire to serve up Knife Fight and The Getaway. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Esquire has delayed their launch date, with plans to premiere over the summer.

Originally the G4 Network, NBC Universal planned to turn the network into Esquire on April 22, with Knife Fight premiering April 23. Once the network found more opportunities with original programming, however, network officials pushed the debut.

"In order to give our viewers a more substantial program offering that showcases the breadth of the Esquire Network, we are pushing our rebrand to the summer," Esquire Network general manager Adam Stotsky said in a statement.

In addition to previously announced Knife Fight and The Getaway, original shows will also include How I Rock It, American Field Trip with photojournalist Matt Hranek, and a fifth season of American Ninja Warrior. Not bad, but we wanted to know what it's like to party with Joel McHale before planning our summer vacays.