Sweeten Your Makeup Routine With KitKat-Inspired Eyeshadow

KitKat lovers, now you can indulge in your favorite candy in a completely different way. Korean cosmetic brand Etude House sells two eye-shadow makeup palettes inspired by the crispy, crunchy candy bar.

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Although Americans mostly get regular chocolate KitKats, other countries, most famously Japan, have all kinds of flavors, ranging from green tea to butter to kiwi. So the palettes come in two versions.

The original palette offers colors that look like they've jumped right off a regular chocolate KitKat, ranging from light to dark brown, with one deep red. And the second palette, dubbed "strawberry tiramisu," is very similar, but with a peach and pink shadow as well as some chocolate shades. Even the palettes themselves, when closed, look just like KitKat wrappers.

Hungry to add these to your makeup collection? Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out on the brand's website, though we have seen them on eBay. And Allure magazine suggests that the social-media buzz about the candy cosmetics mean the palettes may eventually be made available in North America. At least that happens in our sweet dreams.

This isn't the first time Etude House has blended sweet treats and makeup. The company also sells a soft drink tint collection, featuring lip tints designed to look like cute little pop bottles. If you've got a sweet tooth, check out these surprising facts about your 20 favorite candy brands.