Kissing is Intense - Discovering Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur


After discovering that Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur was Brooklyn based mom and pop brand, I popped into a food lecture and tasting at Housing Works.   Josh Morton, co-owner, told the story of how the kicky brand expanded from word of mouth ginger fanatics who couldn’t get enough.  Not only does the brand play well with other liquors it also apparently also makes a mean ham glaze and can glam up desert drizzle recipes.

The small shot I sampled warmed me immediately.  Days later I found myself buying a round of Barrow’s for my team in celebration of an event that they’d worked on that was finally seeing a turning point.  The restaurant we were at offered a Barrow’s and rum Sidecar and an Barrow’s herb ginger lemonade.  It was round of champagne bought for my table that led me to the discovery of my favorite Barrow’s drink thus far.  One shot of Barrow’s topped with champagne was a show stopper which I lovingly named Kissing is Intense, as Barrow’s and Kissing Lions Public Relations, my company, also seemed to get along well.  My buzz was giggly and light and I wasn’t hung over the next day.

Barrow’s is ideal for local and niche gifts for foodies and cocktailpreneurs.  The price point is great and repeat clients are encouraged.  Stock up early for the holiday season, though.  Word of mouth expansion has created quite a demand.  With the brand approaching some exciting news I’d say like them, love them and definitely follow.