Kim Severson and Julia Moskin on 'Cook Fight'

The New York Times authors discuss their new cookbook
Julia Moskin and Kim Severson on Cook Fight

The New York Times writers discuss their competitive new book

Cook Fight

Kim Severson and Julia Moskin spent years working next to each other at The New York Times’ Dining Section, but their competitive natures came out when their colleague Frank Bruni challenged them to a cooking duel. While debating how best to serve a $50 dinner party, "I was talking about how I would do it," Moskin says, "and she was talking about how she would do it, and Frank said 'Why don’t you guys just get it in print?'" The subsequent article became one of the most shared items on The New York Times’ website and so the article turned into a series, the result of which is the new cookbook Cook Fight.

To hear more from the authors about the book and which recipes of each others’ they like to cook, watch the video above and then pick up the book for whomever in your life you like to fight about cooking with.