Killer Margaritas and More Amazing Tequila Cocktails

Want to try a truly small-batch, high quality tequila? Try Roca Patrón

Every ingredient in a margarita is critical (and there should only be a few of them), but we’re not going to pretend that the quality of tequila isn’t the most important component. Once you’re out of college, you should skip the vile bottom-shelf stuff and go straight for tequila you’d just as soon sip solo as mix with quality ingredients: of course we’re talking Patrón.

Patrón recently debuted a new line of tahona-only tequilas: called Roca Patrón, these are small-batch, intense, pristinely balanced tequilas. The process involves the use of a tahona (makes sense), which is actually an enormous, two-ton stone wheel that’s hand-carved from volcanic rock (or roca). The pressure of the roca slowly crushes batches of slow-baked agave, breaking up the fiber and juices. After fermenting in wooden vats, the tequila is distilled in small-batch copper pots. This traditional process is very expensive and has fallen out of favor with many distilleries. These tequilas have earth and vanilla notes on the notes, and are lightly sweeter and more roasted tasting, featuring a rich, almost caramelized agave flavor, and a velvety finish; Roca Patrón is more like an aged Scotch than it’s like the tequila you may be used to.

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