Kid-Friendly Ways to Eat Super Foods Slideshow


Nourishing and easy to make, oatmeal has long been a breakfast favorite. In recent years, though, it’s also been widely hailed as part of a diet that can reduce cholesterol. A bowl of oatmeal contains 6 grams of soluble fiber, which will help lower your overall and LDL cholesterol. Try creamy steel-cut oats with fruit and nuts, or one of these 19 other ways to cook up some tasty oatmeal.

Greek Yogurt

Like regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is high in calcium and probiotics. But, with half the sugar and twice the protein, Greek yogurt can be a healthier choice. Watch the fat content, which can be high, though. Make healthy twice-baked sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt.

Pumpkin and Winter Squash

There are many varieties of winter squash with a range of tastes and textures, making them an incredibly versatile winter ingredient. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they are nutritional powerhouses that can help with lung health and in resisting inflammation, along with other benefits. Click here for our handy winter squash guide, helping you identify and cook all kinds.


While they’ve never been a glamorous food, humble beets are extraordinarily nutritious. They’re loaded with folate, manganese, and potassium. That makes them just as healthy as more widely celebrated autumn vegetables like kale and spinach.

Roasted beet hummus and 9 other delicious ways to eat beets