Kid-Friendly Food Fun Ideas

Make your little ones smile with these adorable food faces

Go ahead, play with your food!

Getting kids to eat anything, not just vegetables, can be a challenge. With picky palates, children often snub anything that doesn’t include a value meal toy. To get them to really try new things, parents are turning to playing with food to get them engaged with different dishes. How may you ask? By making the food funny-looking of course!

By creating silly faces, using funny ketchup designs and event simply slicing dishes differently, kids are digging in to dinners with more fervor than before. Just check out these great ideas from parents with picky kids just like yours!

Meatball Birds

Have trouble getting your kids to eat meat? Try making these adorable spaghetti bird’s nests with adorable songbird meatballs.

Octopus Pot Pie
Tentacles have never been so enticing. Kids will dig in and then thoroughly enjoy this flaky, fun pot pie crust!

Not-So-Creepy Crawlers
If you want to simply just have fun with your food, try cutting up this cute caterpillar hot dog. Lunch will be devoured and enjoyed in a snap. 



Lauren Gordon is the Entertain and Holidays Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on twitter @laurengordon88