Khe-Yo Serves A Proper Laotian Lunch

If you happen to find yourself in Tribeca around lunchtime on, say, a Tuesday, then, well, you probably have a great life. If you've been craving a sit-down lunch of the exotic variety, it just got even better.

Khe-Yo has begun serving lunch from 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. seven days a week, replacing a Khe-Yosk counter where people once grabbed a bánh mì and split or, on a cold day, cozied up to the bar.

The Laotian lunch-only menu includes a butter poached lobster bánh mí with pickled jalapeño and sriracha mayo ($19), Bell & Evans chicken wings with sriracha hoisin and Thai basil sauce ($14), and market bowls like grilled Blue Moon porgy filet and Creekstone Farms skirt steak served over rice, noodles, or romaine hearts ($15).

"For lunch in this neighborhood, you either go really high-end, or to a chain, or somewhere else for a quick takeout bite," said chef Phet. "We came up with this [menu] just so we could give people the best options at a reasonable price for lunch." $15 for a Market Bowl may not be the cheapest choice on the block, but pricewise, it it's not a far cry from a bowl of Just Salad. Therefore, it sounds "A-O-Khe" to us.