KFC Owner Sued Over Expired Chicken; McDonald's Employee Spit In Iced Tea

Today in the world of fast-food scandals: expired chicken and a classic waiter trick.

A KFC franchise owner was slapped with a lawsuit from a former manager who claims the owner forced employees to serve expired chicken. In one case, a separate manager was allegedly fired after throwing away chicken that was turning green and was several days past the expiration date, against orders.

In another case, the manager was accused of being insubordinate when he questioned serving expired food; the franchisee allegedly changed labels on boxes of expired chicken and told the plaintiff that "serving expired food was not a big deal."

To further up ick-factors in the fast-food world, a McDonald's worker was arrested for tampering with food after spitting in a couple's iced teas. No word on what the worker's motive was, but the McDonald's owner says his store does follow food safety procedures. This doesn't mean we're any more keen to get some fried chicken and sodas.