KFC Offers Twice The Fried Chicken In Its New Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich

Why did the chicken-lover cross the road? To get to the KFC. The fried-chicken fast-food restaurant chain is offering a Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich, and there's no fowl play involved.

KFC is doubling the good stuff in this super-sandwich, packing in two tasty chicken filets instead of one. Other than that, the sandwich is the same as the original Colonel's Crispy Sandwich. It comes with pickles and mayo and is served on a sandwich bun.

The one-filet version of the Colonel's Crispy Sandwich launched in April, and was considered by some to be the chain's attempt to compete with Chick-fil-A, which is well-known for its similar sandwiches.

"If you look at the growing sandwich trend — and we believe we're the fried chicken experts — we believe that fried chicken sandwiches can be a really big part of our business," KFC's CMO Andrea Zahumensky told Business Insider back when the single-filet sandwich was introduced.

KFC did not immediately reply to a Daily Meal request for additional detail. The chain's been hatching a number of creative offerings lately, including pickle-fried chicken, and the Waffle Double Down (that last one was a limited-time special in Canada only).

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