KFC Launches New 'Go Cups'

Have you ever felt an irresistible urge to purchase some KFC while driving, but been unable to satisfy your hunger because the bucket wouldn't fit in your cup-holder? Well, KFC's got you covered. They've introduced a new "Go Cup," which comes with chicken and potato wedges and fits into your cup-holder. It sells for $2.49, and is available at all KFC locations nationwide.

The cup is divided into two sections, with one intended to hold their Seasoned Potato Wedges, and another your choice of one piece of Original Recipe Boneless chicken, a Chicken Little sandwich, two Extra Crispy Tenders, three Hot Wings, or four Original Recipe Bites. The patented cup is designed to fit most cup-holders, and most of the food sits above the rim of the cup, allowing for easy access while keeping your eyes on the road.

To help get the word out, the company has also launched a #GoCupGo Instagram contest. If you submit a photo of yourself "on the go" with the new cup, you can win gift checks, KFC items, a camera, and iPhone photo accessories, or be named a "Social Correspondent," where they'll follow you in Instagram and possibly use your photos in ad campaigns.