KFC Japan Rolls Out Frozen Matcha Drinks

KFC Japan’s Krushers include matcha-flavored frozen dessert drinks from KFC Japan

KFC Japan introduced a new frozen dessert beverage flavored with matcha and red beans, and also rice and corn flakes to make it crunchy.

KFC might not be the first place one thinks of when seeking a cold dessert, but KFC Japan announced this week that it would be rolling out a new matcha-flavored frozen dessert that might have people rethinking their snack plans.

According to Rocket News 24, the new matcha and azuki KFC Krusher is a sweet, milky frozen beverage flavored with powdered green tea. It also has sweet red beans floating in it.

KFC Japan says it sources its matcha powder from Japan’s  Aichi Prefecture’s Nishio City, where the local matcha products are known for being flavorful but mellow, which makes it a good choice for a dessert.

Green tea and red beans are a familiar combination, but KFC Japan’s Krusher also includes corn flakes and puffed rice, so it’s also crunchy.


The matcha azuki KFC Krushers are reportedly on sale now at KFC restaurants in Japan for 350 yen, or about $3.10. If you don’t live near a location selling them, though, check out some of our best matcha recipes for some other good dessert options.