KFC Japan to Sell Sauce by the Bottle

KFC’s honey maple sauce is available by the bottle

KFC Japan serves honey mustard sauce with its biscuits, and now the super-popular condiment is available for sale by the bottle.

Everyone who has ever ordered take-out probably has a small hoard of condiments in the house, like the little honey mustard sauce or ranch dressing tubs that come with one’s chicken nuggets and can’t be found anywhere else. KFC Japan’s famous honey maple sauce is no longer part of that pile, though, because the chain has started selling it by the bottle.

According to Rocket News 24, where most KFC restaurants in the U.S. would serve honey with their biscuits, KFC Japan serves a special honey maple sauce. It was only available with the biscuits, though, so people who really wanted to pour it over other foods had no choice but to eat their biscuits plain, then save the sauce for other uses.


Now, however, the sauce is available in a handy, full-sized squeeze bottle in Japan for just 500 yen, or about $4.85. It could be used on pancakes, but someone is almost certainly going to try pouring it on the chicken. Hopefully they’ll tell us if it’s good.