KFC Japan Rolls Out Fried Salmon

KFC might specialize in fried chicken, but for the next few months in Japan people will be able to see what happens when the Colonel tries his hand at fried salmon.

According to Rocket News 24, Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in Japan have introduced a special limited-time offer of two fried salmon dishes. The first is a fried salmon filet crusted with panko breadcrumbs. It comes with tartar sauce and looks like a fusion between a chicken finger and fish and chips.

The second new menu item is a fried salmon sandwich. For that item, the panko-breaded salmon filet is served on a white bun with lettuce, basil sauce, and tartar sauce.

The breaded salmon filet by itself is about $2, and in sandwich form it costs about $3.25. Both look pretty darn tasty, but most likely are only around as a limited-time fall special that will probably be replaced by something totally different when winter comes around.