Key Lessons Learned From Social Media Flop by Epicurious

The insensitive tweets by recipe website Epicurious can teach all media outlets some valuable crisis-mode lessons

If you missed Epicurious’ insensitive tweeting yesterday morning, you’re not going to find it on Twitter, because they’ve deleted the tweets.

In what seemed (more on that later) to be an effort to lift Boston’s spirits, the recipe-based website sent out tweets to their 386,000 followers of recipes for cranberry scones and bowls of breakfast energy yesterday morning "in honor of Boston and New England." Uproar and anger over the blasé messages immediately ensued, which led the website to delete its recipe suggestions and further defame itself by sending out an obvious copy-and-pasted message apologizing for tweets that "seemed" to be insensitive.

There’s really no more to say about the situation, except what Epicurious can do to redeem itself — and it doesn’t involve cranberry scones. 

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Anne Dolce is the Cook editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce