Food And Drink For Dad

Let's face it: As much as men think women are so difficult to shop for, they're really the picky ones. Think about it, while we ladies can surely tend to be particular when it comes to gifts — hello, the best gifts come in the smallest packages — at least there are tons of options when it comes time to choose something.

Clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, tickets to a show, home décor items — the list goes on and on. But for men, how many times can you get them a watch or a pair of cufflinks?

Give Dad What He Wants this Father's Day!

And when said man also happens to be your father it's even harder! Dad is always going to say, "I'll love whatever you give me," but really — get him something that he wants.

So even if you think you're 1,000 percent sure that he wants a set of golf clubs or tickets to a Yankee game or maybe a massage, stick to something that always works: food, beer, and snacks.

Give dad his favorite ultimate food-filled gift and you won't go wrong. Take a gander at our guide to make dad a happy man this Father's Day.