Kentucky Fried Chicken Talks Double Dipping (and Skinny Dipping!)

Staff Writer
No one likes a double dipper

We speak the language of fast food quite fluently here at The Daily Meal. But what we don’t talk about that often is fast food and party etiquette together. In doing the research for their new combo of chicken tenders and six separate sauces named Dip’ems, KFC conducted a survey on a sensitive subject for many party guests: double dipping. 

The crime, a serious party offense, is often considered as bad as not washing your hands before leaving the restroom — it's gross. The truth of the matter is that dips are social items; they bring people around the dish to conjure up conversation and they're perfect for crowds. But no one is going to strike up some chatter if they see you committing a tremendous party sin by double dipping.

Don’t believe us? Read the survey highlights for yourself: 

• Nearly half (46 percent) of those surveyed believe that it would be more offensive to double dip than skinny dip at a party

• Only 22 percent believe it is OK to eat food that has hit the ground — and stayed there — for five seconds or less

• In the absence of a napkin, 40 percent would wipe their hands on clothes (pants or shirt) — though not necessarily their own, as 6 percent admitted they would use a friend’s clothes as a napkin

Thankfully, for the 52 percent of people who agree with us that double dipping is an etiquette felony, KFC has brought their A-game and created Dip’ems to avoid such a situation. Phew! 


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