Kentucky Fried Brain? Diner Finds Brain-Like Surprise in KFC Meal

UK student gets a surprise in his KFC meal

Ibrahim Langoo didn’t find his recent meal at a KFC in Colchester, Essex, England, to be finger-lickin’ good. When the U.K. student pulled apart his chicken, he exposed a 3-inch surprise, what he called a "brain."

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"I have a habit of picking the chicken off the bone with my fingers and as I pulled the second piece apart, I saw this horrible wrinkled foreign body," Langoo told The Sun.

Langoo had stopped at the KFC in between classes to share a Gladiator box meal with his classmate. The meal (priced at around $11) includes a chicken breast fillet burger, two pieces of Original Crispy chicken, a side, fries, and a drink. After workers failed to help Langoo when he complained, Langoo left the restaurant and posted a photo online, declaring that he wouldn’t eat at KFC again.

KFC has apologized and clarified they think the "brain" is actually a chicken kidney.

"Although we haven’t received the product, it appears from a photograph that unfortunately on this occasion a kidney, and not a brain as claimed, was not removed in the preparation process," a KFC representative told The Sun. "We’re very sorry about Mr. Langoo’s experience and while there was no health risk, we agree it was unsightly."

KFC has offered Langoo a KFC voucher, but something tells us he won’t be going back anytime soon.


Lauren Mack is the Special Projects Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.