Kellogg’s Vows to Keep New Special K Formula a Secret

The company aims to protect the recipe and sell it in Europe

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

With the threat of private label copycats ever-present, Kellogg’s intends to keep their new formula for their Special K cereal a secret. The company, according to, spent two years creating a new recipe that it intends to patent and sell in Europe.

Louise Thompson-Davies, the brand communications manager at Kellogg UK, told the website that other brands have tried to copy the “look, taste, and packaging” of Kellogg’s cereal. A patent would prevent that and give the company’s cereal authority.

The new Special K is the enhanced version of the older one. It has three grains instead of two, is supplemented by whole grain, and has eight added vitamins and minerals. Recipe developers decreased its fat content by 40%, the salt content by 11%, and increased the fiber content by 80%.

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The reformulated product was distributed in April and will be on European supermarket shelves by June. It remains to be seen how Kellogg’s will fare in obtaining a patent for their new cereal.