Kansas City Stadium Offers New Menu Options

Kansas City is experiencing menu revisions in their Kauffman Stadium, the Kansas City Star reports. In addition to the classic hotdogs and cracker jacks, the stadium is incorporating some hometown favorites into the menu.

Incorporating local eats can only mean one this for Kansas City – barbeque. These new dining options add a more sophisticated twist on baseball dining. Here are some highlights off the new menu:

  • The pulled pork mac n' sausage dish is a savory twist on a classic hot dog. The dish consists of a sausage topped with pulled pork, mac and cheese noodles, bacon crumbles, and scallions, all served in a bun.
  • The cheesy corn brisket-acho upgrades standard ballpark nachos, topping tortilla chips with brisket, cheesy corn, baked beans, coleslaw, and, of course, lots of BBQ sauce.
  • The burnt end cheese steak unites the flavors of both Kansas City and Philadelphia. The sandwich is filled with burnt ends smothered in Swiss cheese, and topped with peppers, onions, and BBQ sauce.

For a side option the park has upgraded their fries, offering royal bacon blue fries – standard French fries covered in blue cheese and bacon

These eats are far from standard sporting snacks. It remains to see if this trend will continue to parks nationwide.