Kahlúa Now Offers Iced Coffee to Go

Kahlúa's pre-mixed iced coffee hits shelves in 3 flavors

Kahlúa's newest offerings, iced coffees to go.

Imagine if Starbucks got a liquor license and started a home-delivery service. And then added booze. The chilly convenience of an alcoholic iced coffee whenever the craving strikes is now possible with Kahlúa's new line of pre-mixed iced coffee beverages. You’ll be the hit of every summer barbecue if you bring along these tasty single-serving cans of coffee and Kahlúa goodness.

The three flavors — Iced Mocha, Iced Espresso, and Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Spice — are on grocery store and liquor store's shelves now for $2.50 a can. The drinks only have 150 calories (and 5 percent ABV — score!), so you can keep your bikini bod while staying cool and buzzed all summer long. And if you can't get enough of coffee and cocktails, we particularly like these Kahlúa cocktail recipes from Mutineer.