Just Released: 6 Sauvignons From Pasternak's Portfolio

 Like many of the major importers, Pasternak has a portfolio on wine producers from around the world, and this summer they are promoting a variety of sauvignon blancs from both sides of the equator.

Let's start with those from the home of sauvignon blanc – France

The 2010 La Jaja de Jau Cotes de Gascogne sauvignon blanc ($9) is from the Southeast wine region of France, but it would be more at home with the foods of Alsace. It is very herbal and grassy in the nose, quite crisp and has flavors and aromas of fermented sauer kraut. That is a good thing, as this wine wood pair deliciously with chicken sausages in a semi-classic choucroute garni.

The 2011 La Petite Perriere Vin de France sauvignon blanc ($11) also has a lot of green notes, but with more of a fruit flavor than an herbal/grassy one. It has softened notes of creaminess, is very smooth with a hint of mint and is well-balanced. This would be a great match with fresh scallops.

Finally, from Bordeaux, where some of the best sauvignon blanc blends in the world are made, comes the 2011 Barons de Rothschild Bordeaux Reserve Speciale ($14), which is full, juicy, a little grassy and a little earthy. This wine would be great with cooked green vegetable dishes.

Turning to the new world, the 2009 Morro Bay "Split Oak" California sauvignon blanc "sur lie" ($12) – can you say all that without gasping for air? – is a very civilized sauvignon. It is creamy with a little cheesy/whey flavor blended in with some nutty pistachio tastes. Sounds weird, but it tastes great. I would pair this with a broiled or baked Dover sole rolled in nuts and dried herbs.

From Chile, comes the 2011 Los Vascos Casablanca sauvignon blanc ($9), another Rothschild property. This one is medium grassy with a moderate body and a crisp lime/citrus finish. This would go well with grilled lake fish or even breaded shrimp.

Finally, from the newfound home of sauvignons, comes the 2011 Goldwater Wairau Valley Marlborough sauvignon blanc ($16). It is medium-bodied, has lots of green fruits – tart apples and limes – with a creamy, yet minerally, texture. It may be a Southern Hemisphere thing, but I also see this one with grilled fish and breaded shrimp.