Junk Food Laws May Actually Work And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

McDonald's Debuts Lamb Burger: McDonald's is launching two new products, a lamb burger and a lamb taster, in Australia tomorrow. [HuffPo]

Junk Food Bans at School May Work: A new study found that school bans on unhealthy foods actually help the childhood obesity problem. Progress? [Washington Times]

Guy Fieri's Lamborghini Thief Attempts Jailbreak: Two men attempted to break out Max Wade, the teenager accused of stealing the celeb chef's yellow car, using bolt cutters and sledgehammers to break open a reinforced window. It was Wade's 18th birthday. [NYDN]

Virginia Farmer Fined for Party: Pitchfork-carrying farmers protested some $5,000 in fines held against a farmer for selling produce and items, as well as throwing "unlicensed events," which included a birthday party for her best friend's kid. [Fox News]

Los Angeles Launching Fried Chicken Fest: In about two weeks, Los Angeles notables like David LeFevre and Matt Molina will serve up fried chicken with sides, plus bottomless cocktails and beer. All for a mere $45 a person. [LA Times]