Juicy Jenny Juice Bar To Open In Atlanta


If you live in Atlanta and are a fan of Souper Jenny, get excited to become an even bigger fan because here comes Juicy Jenny. This fall, restaurateur Jenny Levison will be expanding her Buckhead-based restaurant empire with a new "Juice Bar and Superfood Emporium"- Juicy Jenny.

Healthy cold-pressed juices and smoothies will be offered at the new location (following with the recent juice craze that's been going on in the food world), in addition to breakfast, house made protein bars, and plenty of other healthy snacks.

"We want the experience to be approachable, so that everyone from novice juicers to experts can feel free to ask questions and learn as much as they want about the benefits of incorporating juicing into your lifestyle," said Levison to Eater.com, describing the approachable feeling she wants the new location to have.

The whimsical personality that is aimed to be captured by the restaurant can be seen through the names given to the different food and drinks. 'Ode To Gwyneth Paltrow' bars and 'Do I Have Kale In My Teeth' smoothies are both on the menu.

Levison also operates Café Jonah & The Magical Attic, and will even be opening another Souper Jenny location this year.