100 Percent Fruit Juice from Juice Frauds: What's Really In Your Juice Slideshow

Juice Frauds: What's Really In Your Juice Slideshow

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100 Percent Fruit Juice

The term "100 percent fruit juice" sounds innocent and wholesome, right? Sure — but you have to know what you’re looking for. The good news is that 100 percent fruit juice is made purely from the juices of real fruits. And that means you’re getting all the antioxidants and vitamins from fruit in one powerful punch. (One study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion even found that kids who drank more than 6 ounces of 100 percent juice had more nutritious diets than their peers.) But there are a few problems with 100 percent real fruit juice: you get way more sugar and calories, for starters. Your glass of 100 percent fruit juice has about twice the amount of calories as a piece of fruit; so, if you’re drinking a glass of orange juice, you’re getting the caloric equivalent of two to three oranges. And you’re not getting the full amount of fiber from 100 percent fruit juice either, as it’s stripped away when the juice is processed.