Juice Box-Shaped Fruit

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Brazilian company Camp Nectar's brilliant marketing campaign
camp nectar
Youtube/Camp Nectar

Juice Box-Shaped Fruit

Brazilian fruit juice company, Camp Nectar, wanted to underscore their all-natural products, so they hired creative agency AGE Isobar to come up with an unforgettable marketing campaign. Together, the companies came up with a plan to grow fruits in the shape of juice boxes, and after two years of experimental trials and errors, the concept became a reality.

To create these juice box fruits they traveled to a farm in Paranapanema, Brazil, and crafted special molds that they placed over lemons, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, apples, and oranges during their bud stage. The fruit grew within the molds and ultimately took on the shape of the boxes, complete with the stems that grew to look like bent straws.

As part of the campaign, Camp placed the fruits in select grocery stores and trade fairs around the country and filmed the entire process — needless to say, the video, which is both fascinating and informative, spread like wildfire on YouTube.

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