Juice and Tea Bar Opens in Kansas City

For those looking for healthy drinks in Kansas City, look no further

A new juice and tea bar has everyone buzzing in Kansas City, Mo. T. Loft, owned by Jill and Brandon Minton, has more than 20 varietals of tea on tap for customers to take home or drink at the store, as well as a mean menu of detox juices. (Look no further than the “Mean and Clean” detox fresh juice drink with orange, ginger, carrot, apple, lemon and parsley.) 

The shop was inspired by Jill Martin's own personal health journey, who suffers from celiac disease. So there's lots of healthy treats on the menu, including gluten-free baked goods (like a sweet potato brownie), on top of its menu of juice and teas, like a coconut almond latte, made with coconut tea and almond milk. So yes, the coffee connoisseurs might be missing their espresso, but T. Loft is a healthy alternative to the usual caffeine run.