Judge Denies Overturn of Foie Gras Ban

Well, they tried

Looks like the foie gras ban is sticking around (unless that Farm Bill amendment gets through the House, that is). Yesterday, a federal judge refused to overturn California's foie gras sale ban, saying that the lawsuit has to be hashed out in court.

The plaintiffs, involving a Canadian duck-and-goose-farming organization, a New York producer of "duck delicacies," and a Los Angeles restaurant group, claim that the ban is "unconstitutionally vague and burdensome," but Judge Stephen Wilson said that the arguments were not urgent enough for an immediate overturning.

Wilson noted that the group had seven years to bring up these issues before the ban went into effect July 1. "Instead, they waited and now seek emergency relief," the court papers said. So expect a long, drawn-out process discussing the constitutionality of the ban. In the meantime, the plaintiffs claim they are losing some $15,000 a day.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.