Jonathon Sawyer Cooks with Care Bears

Chef Sawyer to host Care Bears-inspired event with American Greetings

Jonathon Sawyer, renowned Cleveland chef and owner of self-proclaimed “slurpalicious” Japanese-American mash-up restaurant Noodlecat is teaming up with American Greetings to bring the city of Cleveland Noodlebear, a pop-up restaurant, for the month of July.

All Noodlecat locations will be re-branded as Noodlebear, offering new signage and menus, along with Care Bears products and activities like a cooking class, costumed characters, and even a brand new episode of the show to premiere on its 30th anniversary.

To propagate the spirit of caring, a portion of the proceeds and canned food collected will be donated to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Sawyer and his family will kick-off the events by hosting a kid-friendly Care Bears cooking class. Rumor has it that Share Bear might make an appearance to lend his culinary expertise as well.

Sawyer’s wife, popular blogger Chef’s Widow, tells fans: “We hope you can join us and fulfill that lifelong dream of snuggling with Tenderheart Bear or perfecting your very own Care Bear Stare.”