Jonathan Gold Writes Up Marijuana Meal

We're sure Jonathan Gold has eaten stranger things, but his latest write-up has captured the attention of college kids everywhere. Gold's latest adventure involves a nine-course meal built around marijuana, prepared by chef Laurent Queniou and organized by Nguyen Tran.

Gold writes that he attended the dinner not because of the marijuana (yeah, right), but because "secret restaurants are increasing in importance in Los Angeles," and "transgressive eating has become voguish."

"The notion of an 'herb' dinner wasn't especially my thing," Gold writes. "The last time I had sampled this particular herb was many years ago, in the course of reporting a story on Snoop Dogg and his 15 pit bulls, and its culinary uses were not apparent even back then."

So what was on the heady menu? A moonshine cocktail with ganja-infused sesame oil; cured duck breast, raw yellowtail, and compressed watermelon; papaya, partridge, wild boar, and ginseng; and a marijuana-infused onion-bacon-potato tart. For dessert, the chef served panna cotta with osmanthus topped with a marijuana-coconut oil.

Gold doesn't give any ultimate opinions on how marijuana actually tastes, but he does end the night "unbuzzed but smiling, unarrested but guilty." Always a good thing. Read the entire review at Los Angeles Times.