Join A Restaurant's Waiting List From Your Phone With NoWait

Tired of playing the guessing game with your favorite restaurant hotspots? The NoWait app just announced its launch this week on TechCrunch. The smart app lets you make a reservation, check wait times at nearby restaurants and remotely add your name to the wait list. Then, when your table is ready, you will be sent a text by the hostess.

"NoWait is revolutionizing the American dining experience for casual restaurants and diners alike," said CEO Ware Sykes. "Seamlessly integrating with restaurants' real-time wait lists, NoWait optimizes customer flow for faster seating while eliminating the hassle of guests having to wait for their table to be ready." 

This could especially come in handy as Valentine's Day looms closer, where NoWait estimates that at least 80 percent of couples will make a reservation less than a week in advance.

The app is free for both patrons and businesses, and is available for both IPhone and Android, but for premium business users, prices range from $59 to $199 per month.