John Pepper ’91 Returns to Speak About Boloco and Labor

John Pepper ’91 Returns to Speak About Boloco and Labor

Besides serving delicious food, John believed they “should be big on taking care of people.” And that did not just mean the customers, but also the workers. While mopping a Boloco location, he had a revelation: “It’s not fun. It’s not fulfilling. And you’re exhausted. And you’re not getting paid squat.”


Photo by Sharon Cho

At Boloco, his passion ran beyond creating a globally inspired burrito. Fast food workers are not being treated well and he believed that to improve their lives and future, it started with their wages. John said that he was “trying to help them do what they wanted to do as a kid,” which probably was not rolling burritos. If the workers were treated well, then the spillover effects would result in them treating the customer better.

Since stepping down as the Boloco CEO, John finds himself involved in the politics of minimum wage by speaking with senators from Massachusetts. He will also be heading to Washington, D.C. by invitation to talk to the Secretary of Labor about the minimum wage.


Photo by Sharon Cho

That night at RBEL, John said, “I truly believe that we will look back in 30, 40 years and will really look down upon ourselves when we asked people to work full time and plus, but still can’t make ends meet – and they’re being subsidized.”

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