John Dory with Wax Beans and Wheat Berry Salad

Todd Mitgang shares his recipe
John Dory with Wax beans and Wheat berry Salad

Chef Todd Mitgang shows his recipe

Healthy fish dishes can often feel bland, but Todd Mitgang of New York City's Crave Fishbar has whipped up a complex recipe that will be kind to your waistline and your taste buds.

He starts with John Dory, a sweet, delicate fish that can take on a lot of flavor. Mitgang pan-sears the fish and then adds a few extra elements. The first is a warm wheat berry salad — wheat berry is a great healthy alternative to rice or corn, and in Mitgang's recipe he adds a few more ingredients like pistachio nuts and shallots to make it even more flavorful. He also adds blanched wax beans for a vegetable component. Lastly, he adds a basil pistou sauce for even more complexity and tops the fish off with some microgreens.


If this isn't making you hungry already, then watch the video above and you will definitely be heading over to your kitchen to start making some John Dory!