Jockey Fined for Tweeting About Racetrack Food

The jockey posted a photo complaining about the food
Wikimedia/Barry Skeates

Jockey Cathy Gannon was fined nearly $500 for posting a photo of the food served to jockeys at Newbury Racecourse. 

British jockey Cathy Gannon got into a lot of trouble this weekend when she posted about the food at Newbury Racecourse and was punished with a sizable fine.

According to The Telegraph, Gannon took a photo of the lunch served to the jockeys at Newbury Racecourse on Friday evening, after she had finished racing for the day, and later posted a picture of the unappetizing spread to Twitter.

Gannon’s photo showed a vat of chickpeas in red sauce and another of pieces of chicken which had already been mostly cleaned of meat. The photos did not look very appealing, and Gannon was clearly complaining about the quality of the food that was meant to sustain the course’s athletes.

Unfortunately for Gannon, there is a rule against the use of phones in the jockeys’ changing room, and Gannon’s photo broke that. As a result, she was fined £290, or $456.

Gannon accepted her punishment, announcing to her Twitter followers that she did break the rule and would have to accept the fine. The other jockeys at Newbury, however, pitched in to help her cover the fee.

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