Jimmy Dean Sausage-Scented Gift Wrap Is The Best Wurst Idea Ever

Are you in need of some extra-special wrapping paper for that one weird gift? (Or even weirder recipient – hi, Uncle Floyd!) Well sorry, we've all missed out, but truly, you never sausage a thing. Jimmy Dean sausage was briefly offering sausage-scented gift wrap, and hot dog, it was even free.

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Jimmy Dean asked customers to submit a photograph of a Jimmy Dean meal they'd made using the company's sausage, and then select a free gift. The scented gift wrap was apparently the most popular choice, as the Jimmy Dean Gift Exchange website now lists it as "out of stock."

Representatives for Jimmy Dean didn't immediately respond to a request for information on whether the gift wrap would ever be made available again.

Unfortunately, the wrap only featured the smell of its inspirational product, not the taste. "Smells like sausage, tastes like paper," cracked the narrator in a Jimmy Dean promotional video.

If you have a Jimmy Dean recipe photo to submit, there are other delicious gifts to choose from. There's a glass-blown holiday ornament that looks exactly like a roll of Jimmy Dean sausage, an apron featuring a photo of company founder and singer Dean, and a used copy of Dean's 1965 record album, "Jimmy Dean's Christmas Card."

And there's also a chance to score some big bucks. One lucky photo-submitter will win a replica of Dean's own diamond-studded gold belt buckle, featuring his initials with the "J" drawn in cowboy-boot style, like the company logo. Sure, it may not be your fashion style, but the company says the buckle is valued at $10,000, which would make for a tasty addition to anyone's bank account. If the thought of sausage-scented gift wrap has you craving a meaty meal, check out America's 75 best hot dogs for 2018.