Jillian Dempsey is Making the Move Into Jewelry Artistry


Mobility in the industry seems to work in a very specific way—most run for the limelight, but Jillian Dempsey is content being the artistic muse. A popular makeup artist who works on A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet, Dempsey has recently premiered her own line of fine jewelry. Launching her brand this last Wednesday, she held a party that brought in close friends Mila Jovovich and Kristen Stewart along with the support of her husband, Patrick Dempsey.

An artistic person at heart, Dempsey began to take a sculpting class several years ago as another way to tap into her creative talents. Falling in love with the idea of modeling and casting, she began to work on her own small pieces during events, molding little pieces backstage that would soon be a part of the collection. “I would bring my wax and just start sculpting away when I had time,” she told WWD.

Photo Courtesy of Jillian Dempsey

The collection draws on both Dempsey’s rock-n-roll attitude and her glamorous Hollywood environment, leading her to create a blend of tastes that’s perfect for the young and fashionable set. Spikes, safety pins, and chunky pieces make the line youthful, but come in soft metals, like rose gold. “I’m a punk rock girl at heart but I still want everything to be pretty, so I liked the idea of making these tough-looking pieces in 18-karat rose gold,” she explained.

There’s a little bit of everything in the line, including men’s pieces that her dreamy husband is already sporting. “I’m really proud of her and it’s pretty remarkable what she’s done,” he said to InStyle.com.