Jets Pizza To Stop Delivering To Detroit At Night After Driver Shot In Chest

When a pizza franchise decides to stop delivering to a certain area after dark, something must have gone terribly wrong. Just a few days ago, 19-year-old Jets Pizza driver Timothy McKenna was shot in the chest while delivering a pizza in Detroit after the sun went down.

Detroit has a well-known history of drugs, crime, and poverty, but many don't know of the true danger until they step foot in the city at night. Jets Pizza knows the seedy areas well enough that they send two delivery people at once: one to hand-deliver the pizzas, the other to carry a legal, loaded gun.

McKenna, a student and football player at Adrian College, was working the night shift at Jets when he got a request to deliver a pizza in the heart of Detroit. When he arrived at his destination, the shooter attempted to rob him, and as McKenna drove away, he was shot in the ribs. A bullet hit a lung, but he survived the shooting. McKenna had only $35 on him at the time.

Since the jarring incident, Jets Pizza has decided to put an end to all deliveries in Detroit at night. Some worry this will alienate the city further and push it deeper into despair.

Charlie Langton, host of Talk Radio 1270, said, "I realize this is a terrible situation, it is tragic, but some people say [...] we're eliminating Detroit, we're sectioning off Detroit from the rest of the world. Some people will say 'Why should we let acts of one stupid gun-carrying person make a whole policy that alienates the city?'"

CBS Local reported that the victim's mother, Joan McKenna, is enraged by the incident. "When you want a pizza, you live in Detroit, you want it delivered after dark," she said. "Thank the guy who shot my son. Thank that guy."

(Photo Modified: Flickr/paul bica)