Is Jessica Simpson Addicted to Chocolate?

Simpson is struggling to lose baby weight for her Weight Watchers campaign

Since giving birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson May 1, sticking to a diet hasn’t been easy for Jessica Simpson. The 30-year-old singer is being paid $4 million  to lose weight for a Weight Watchers campaign, and according to a source for Star Magazine, Simpson has "been cheating on her diet big time. Most days she’s pretty good, but sometimes she feels like she needs to reward herself. And Jessica’s favorite way to reward herself is with chocolate. [She] keeps a secret drawer for her clandestine chocolate habit, hiding her sugary fixes from the watchful eye of her fiancé, Eric Johnson."[Gossip Cop] Understandably, struggling with the weight loss has left Simpson "stressed and overwhelmed."

The emotional Simpson "got used to eating everything she wanted when she was pregnant, so eating under 1,200 calories a day now is a real struggle. Rather than beat herself up, she’s trying to convince herself that she deserves a few candy bars every day," continues the source.

Through all the stress, Simpson’s fiancé Eric Simpson has been very supportive. A friend is quoted as saying that he "helps in whatever way he can."