Jersey Shore's Vinny Starring In Food Talk Show

As Jersey Shore rounds up its final season (we mean, Snooki does have a baby now), the Snooki and JWoww spinoff and The Pauly D Project were obvious ideas. (Or like, a GTL-only reality show, or Snooki and her kid). Turns out, Vinny Guadagnino ("the nice one") will be getting his own show as well, featuring dinner and a guest.

MTV is producing   The Show with Vinny, where Guadagnino will host a celebrity in his Staten Island home and treat him or her to a meal with his family, featuring his mother Paula and Uncle Nino. No word on whether Vinny will be trying his hand at cooking with his nonna.

"Celebrities will let their guard down to have a meal and a candid conversation about whatever comes up, complete with lots of commentary from Vinny's peanut gallery of loved ones," MTV told the Chicago Tribune. "No studio or audience; just family, food, and big friggin' stars." Can celebrity sightings be a staple at all big Italian Sunday dinners from now on? Also, can Sophia Grace and Rosie be the first guests?